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There are many great ideas for social media content, but some are more effective in driving engagement to your page.  We live at a time where social media is no longer about getting the most likes or views, but it is about creating an ongoing conversation with your fans. So here are five content ideas to help you to reach out to more fans:

1. Interactive posts 

Interactivity is key in social media. Consider this: If you are constantly pushing out content and not talking to your followers, your social media page might become a bit one-sided conversation. The idea with social media is to engage with your fans and maintain a conversation, to help them get to know you on a deeper level and you getting to know them too. For this reason, you should definitely do interactive posts to measure the reaction of your audience. 

These can be simple questions like “What was your favorite song from my last album?” or ‘What book are you reading this week?”. People love having conversations with their favorite artists, and makes them feel more connected to you. So interactive posts are a great idea to get more fans.

2. Hashtag driving posts

By using the right hashtags, you will be able to reach out to people who don’t follow you yet, and drive them to your page. This kind of post requires that you tell a story, and they can be long form too. For this reason, you can also make the hashtag driving post more of a storytelling post. Especially if you combine your text with great images or videos, you will gain a lot of attention from your followers. 

Moreover, by using the right hashtags, you can attract new followers to your fans. 

I would stay away from very competitive and general hashtags like #music or #musician, as these are full of millions of posts and chances of your post being seen is very low. Instead, you can pick more specific hashtags like #rock, if that is your style or #songwriter if you are a singer songwriter. There are many online tools to find hashtag recommendations based on their competitiveness and popularity. So I would encourage you to do some research and select your hashtags accordingly. 

3. Song teaser and video trailer posts

Posting small pieces of a song is a nice content idea for social media, but even if you have a great song, audio-only content might not be as attractive as visual content.  If you could couple your song with a great video, you would have the chance to reach out to more people than with just an audio clip. This can be a music video or a live performance.

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Especially when your video is a teaser for an upcoming release, if your followers like the music, they will engage with it.

4. Behind-the-scenes posts

Behind the scenes content is traditionally for showing what’s going on in recording sessions and band rehearsals, but now it is even more than that. You are directly showing your personality and lifestyle to your new potential fans with behind-the-scenes content, which might drive new fans and followers to your music. So, through behind-the-scenes videos, people get to see your personality and lifestyle even before hearing your music. Considering that a lot of people listen to a band for the lifestyle they offer, this is a great way to recruit new fans and a very easy way to access potential new fans. 

5. Throwback posts

Throwback posts are another good idea to drive engagement. For instance, a picture about your first band rehearsal can be a really good piece of content to tell a story about the origins and philosophy of your music project. Moreover, you can use hashtags like #ThrowbackThursday to reach out to more followers and have more people follow your page. 

Throwback posts achieve two things at the same time: First, they help you convey your story and show fans where you’re coming from; Second, they drive engagement by revealing a part of yourself that fans might not know. 

To sum up, these are five great content ideas to get more fans. Keep in mind that there are many ideas, but these are just a few initial ideas to get you started. What’s important is to keep the conversation flowing and always be in communicating with your fans. This way, you will convey your story in a more authentic way, which is how it should be. In the end, your music will reach more fans who will be the advocates for your music. 


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