Use these 12-minute book digests to absorb new information faster

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  • Use these 12-minute book digests to absorb new information faster

Do you find yourself in a bar or party with few places to participate in group discussions? Don’t be sad, this is a common feeling.

Fortunately, there is a solution. Now you can fill the educational gap with this incredible lifetime subscription to the 12-minute Micro Book Library. For only $ 39, you can access and understand a large number of different topics at a price lower than the price of a textbook.

It only takes 12 minutes to learn more about the topic you choose. In addition, every month you will get 30 new titles for you to choose and send to your Kindle account. On the surface, this is a new lesson every day.

Having said that, imagine what you will learn in a year, let alone a lifetime.

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Whether you are reading or attending a lesson, it only takes 12 minutes. Even better, you can access this service regardless of whether you have the Internet or not-therefore, you can passively digest a lot of knowledge while working, taking the subway or taking the bus.

Usually, a lifetime subscription to a 12-minute microbook library will cost you nearly $ 350. But through this offer, you can save nearly 90% of the cost.

Still not sold? Considering 125 verified user reviews, the service averages more than 4 stars. One reviewer called the subscription “value for money” and “amazing use of free time.”

You can click here to buy a lifetime premium subscription for a 12-minute micro-book library immediately.

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