Get To Know Powfu, The Emerging Artist Behind the Viral Hit “Deathbed (coffee for your head)”

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  • Get To Know Powfu, The Emerging Artist Behind the Viral Hit “Deathbed (coffee for your head)”

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the better part of the past year (no judgement here if you have), you’ve probably heard the haunting hit song “Deathbed (coffee for your head)”. Whether it was on the radio, YouTube, Soundcloud or TikTok, this song’s massive viral status caught the attention of listeners around the world.

We’ve certainly been listening to this song on repeat and had to know more about the voices behind this super catchy yet slightly dark song. Enter Powfu and Beabadoobee.

Much like Billie Eilish, Powfu (born Isaiah Farber) grew up in a musical household and started making music as a teenager in the comfort of his own home. After discovering his identity within the lo-fi genre—a genre he described, with a laugh, to E! News as “homemade, cheap sounding music”—he began uploading his favorites to Soundcloud. And once “Deathbed” hit the internet, the rest was history.

By the time Farber hit the ripe age of 21, the rapper had already released his debut EP, poems of the past, and is getting a taste of what viral success feels like as he quarantines through the COVID-19 pandemic at his home in Canada, a unique experience for a new artist skyrocketing to fame.

“This is my first time blowing up, I guess, so it’s like I haven’t really had the full experience yet in terms of playing shows and going around the world and meeting fans,” Farber exclusively tells E! News. “But it’s kind of cool that I kind of just skipped that build up.”

Continue reading to learn all about this new artist on the rise (and which celebs have slid into his DM’s).


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