How SEO has changed over the past few years

As you may have noticed, “Google Algorithm Update” is becoming treading keywords due to the significant impacts and uncertainties caused to the Google search rankings and results by the rollout of the updates. With limited documentation available in the market, it is hard to tell what each update is targeting and whether it’s going to impact our search rankings positively or negatively. Even though SEO is tightly connected to Google algorithm, Google is known to be so low-key that they don’t announce any of their updates at all. Only core updates are sometimes confirmed by Google through their twitter account @searchliaison. It doesn’t mean that Google doesn’t update often, in fact, they update their algorithm so frequently, sometimes every day or even multiple times a day. In 2019 alone, Google rolled out more than 3200 changes to its search system. Here is the list of summaries that highlight the major changes that Google has performed in 2019:


  1. Get inspiration with Google Discover

As a later and better version of the previous Good Feed, Google Discover was introduced to the public in 2019, with a goal to unearth relevant and fresh contents based on users’ interests. Google maintains the function up to date by analyzing data of more than 800 million users’ monthly use. When a user looks for a certain topic, Google analyzes the user’s behaviors, and the search pattern tries to figure out the subtopics related to the user’s interests’ feeds. Google Discover is smart enough to predict the user’s future search, uncover and display any relevant information that might interests the user next based on the algorithm system and data collection.


  1. Never Lose Track on Your Search

Google added activity cards for mobile users to keep on track with their search. The new function provides users easy access to pick up where they left off from the previous time. For example, if you are searching a topic on how to take the best sunset photography, and you have your Google account logged in, there will be an activity card showing up on top of the results page that offers an easy way for you to dive in the contents when you come back next time and continue your searching.

In addition, the bookmark function can also be a great choice to mark certain content that you like and add them to your personalized collections.


  1. Structured Data Makes Optimized Search Results

In order to enhance the quality of the search contents, Google has always encouraged content makers to organize their content by implementing structured data. Instead of packing all the plain information in a few paragraphs, Google is pushing content makers to markup the all the main points and highlight important contents to form structured data so that more goals can be delivered effectively and unambiguously.  Here are some great ways Google recommends if you are looking to benefit from structured data: (

  • Increase brand awareness: using Logo, Local Business and Sitelinks searchbox
  • Highlight content: Article, Breadcrumb, Event, Job, Q&A, Recipe, Review and others
  • Highlight product information: adding data such as price, availability and review ratings.


In addition to the list above, Google made a few announcements on its Twitter account confirming its broad core update in March and June 2019. As we just mentioned, Google updates their algorithm very frequently, it is important that you keep an eye on your web traffic on a regular basis, so you can detect the indicators that show a Google algorithm update is coming and get prepared for it.


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