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The problem many have with Instagram marketing is that they think it requires quite a bit of hocus pocus. There is no magic involved in growing your Instagram account and turning it into something valuable. It takes a little time, some dedication, and the willingness to tweak your strategy along the way to get the most out of this fantastic free traffic source. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon or magic to build up an account and turn it into a cash-generating machine.


Post quality content regularly


If you have a new account, you’ve first got to warm it up. How much content should you post daily when using a new account? If you post more than three times per day, it will trigger Instagram’s algorithm, and you might get flagged as a spammer. You’re better off posting once per day or even every other day when your account is new. What is the length of time that Instagram sees your account as being new? No one knows the answer to that question, but some believe the time frame is about a month. Every new account has a warmup period, and after that, you can post more aggressively. We have tried Massgress before for this purpose.


Make sure to use the right hashtags


New Instagram marketers often overlook the importance of hashtags. Not only are hashtags important, but you’ve got to use the right amount. How many hashtags should you use in every post? The optimal number of hashtags you should use is 30. Yes, that’s a lot, but it’s necessary if you want the most organic traffic possible from Instagram. After you find the 30 hashtags that are right for your niche, you can cut and paste them into every post you make. Adding 30 hashtags is a whole lot easier after you find the right ones to use.


Are there any shortcuts that can speed up the process of Instagram success?


Well, there are two things that you can do to kickstart your Instagram account. The first thing you can do is to buy likes for your content. Instagram’s algorithm will see the likes and give your post the added boost it needs to go viral. Also, you can buy followers from a service like Why would you want to buy followers? People don’t like to follow accounts that have very few followers. If your account doesn’t have enough followers, no one will take it seriously. You will also get a boost in Instagram’s algorithm if your account has quite a few followers.


Instagram success can be repeated again and again


The neat thing about succeeding on Instagram is, you can repeat the same process on other accounts. As soon as you get a system down pat, you can start another account and do it all over again. Before you know it, you’ll have multiple accounts driving traffic and sales to the link in your profile. The key to successful internet marketing is to find something that makes money and scale it. Scaling up and having multiple Instagram accounts is easy as long as you develop a strategy and implement it on your new accounts.



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