Investment Casting By Cirex – The Future of Steel Casting

Metal casting is one of the biggest industries and is responsible for producing millions of different products that are used all around the world ever yday. There are many different techniques one can use to cast steel and other metals, but the one that comes out on top is known as “Investment Casting“. We’ll discuss the benefits of investment casting and the moulding process in detail.

Compared to other castings, investment casting can offer much greater design flexibility, better part consistency, and better parts and surfaces. Unlike other processes, where several castings have to be welded together for several casting applications, investment casting combines the construction into a single part, reducing or eliminating welding costs. While other processes require several castings to be welded together in their application, a precision casting process can combine the constructions into individual parts without the need for welds or other welding processes. While other processing processes require welding several castings together, when applying an investment part, a design can be combined into a single part.

Typically, the first step in the manufacture of a part using investment casting using the lost wax process is a time-consuming process in which the wax prototype of the part is manufactured and dipped in a liquid ceramic. The resulting ceramic mould is then cured to achieve the required hardness, which eventually becomes the mould in the investment casting process. The second step in the investment casting process is when the finished wax sample is dipped in a refractory ceramic sludge. The moulds that make the wax patterns must be used in investment castings to produce very small quantities, which is common in artistic works and original jewelry. During the investment casting process, the wax patterns in ceramic moulds are destroyed and the casting requires a new wax pattern. Investment parts require a machine that needs to be sandblasted, cut and ground.

The increasing demand for ductile iron casting has also increased the use of metals for investment casting. The lost foam of the casting is often absorbed by modern investment casting forms that eliminate certain process steps. As the casting of investment parts becomes a standardized process, it also becomes less prone to wax loss and more efficient in terms of cost-effectiveness. Much of the wax used in investment castings can be recovered and reused, and a large proportion of it can also be used for other purposes, such as the production of metal parts.

While there’s plenty of moulding manufacturers out there, there is only one that we would recommend. CIREX is the leader in steel-casting and is one of the biggest names in the industry. Their proprietary process for investment casting cuts down drastically on time and reduces the costs for mass production that other manufacturers simply can’t touch. Their years of experience in the industry guarantees that their quality will exceed expectations. After all, metal moulding is an extremely advanced industry. For this reason, you should absolutely rely on a well-established and trusted manufacturer for your moulding projects, big or small.


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