IP Location APIs – Taking the headache out of location-based development.

As a software developer, there’s an almost endless resource of tools at your fingertips that have been developed to make your job easier. The hard part, however, is locating these tools. The thing about programming is the fact that there are too many different ways to get to the same goal. This causes all sorts of issues, especially when it comes to developing with larger teams. Programming protocols, standards, and practices are designed to keep everybody on the same page and moving along effectively as a single unit. This pushes standards in coding that are easy to understand and most importantly, easy to debug. Knowing what you’re getting when you work with a tool is extremely important, especially when productivity is a key factor in your development cycle. Luckily, there’s been a lot of traction when it comes to developing tools that will increase your productivity and simplify the every-day development flow.

One of the most common tools when it comes to web and game development, and in this era especially considering most people are using online services from a smartphone, is location-based data. With location data, you’re able to create feature-rich apps that can interact with the real-world, return information based on a geographical location. If you’ve ever worked with location-based data before, you’ll already know how much of a headache it is to get all of the useful data, such as a person’s real-time city, state, and country, the local currency, their accurate IP address, and more. Usually to attain this type of information requires large databases of geographical data, which is extreme overkill to host all of this information for each app that you may be creating that requires this type of data. Furthermore, the fact that nothing is constant in this world, updating geographical data, and keeping up with the world at large is an added burden as well. Wouldn’t be amazing if there was a simple, easy-to-use, and extremely affordable API that could gain access to all of this critical data in one call?

Introducing the API Company’s IP Location API. Finally, a tool that has been designed to eliminate all of the stress of location-based lookups that provides an in-depth snapshot of your user’s location and critical data, straight down to their local currency. This one-stop API call eliminates the need for building your own extensive backend for something as simple as acquiring the user’s locale information, and it does all of this in one small, very efficient API call. Now you can focus all of your efforts on what’s important instead of dealing with the added nuances of location-based data. Now, isn’t it nice knowing that you don’t have to deal with the intense effort required to get something as simple as someone’s location data?

Making your life easier as a software developer is probably one of the most important tasks that you can do to improve your productivity while also maintaining a level of sanity. Increasing your productivity makes people happy. Remove the unneeded stress of dealing with location-related data and you can thank us later.


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