The Biggest Bombshells From Kim Kardashian’s David Letterman Interview

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  • The Biggest Bombshells From Kim Kardashian’s David Letterman Interview

While recounting her 2016 Paris robbery, Kim revealed that she talked about being robbed hours before the event took place. Why? Because Kim had traveled with all of her jewelry, including a new ring from husband Kanye West.

Sadly, this lunch conversation became a reality for Kim later that evening. Since Kim chose to stay in while Kourtney went out, their security guard wasn’t present when two men dressed as policemen barged into her room.

Kim was only wearing a robe at the time of the robbery and thought she’d be sexually assaulted. Instead, Kim’s legs and wrists were tied, and duct tape was placed over her mouth and eyes.

An emotional Kim revealed that, before she was gagged, she begged for her life. Later on, after the culprits were arrested, Kim learned it was a team that had robbed her.

“They had been following me for two years leading up until this moment,” she noted. “I didn’t know that they had someone at the elevators, someone at the front, someone that moved the camera, someone that broke the door, someone in the getaway car. There was a whole team of people that had planned this.”

What’s more bone-chilling? The team confessed to trying to rob her during a previous trip, but Kanye’s presence scared them off.

She remarked, “Then they said they saw on social media that I had this huge new ring.”


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